Main Street Market's Deli Kevin at the Grand Canyon

Kevin-RenWei at the Grand Canyon

Kevin-RenWei at the Grand Canyon

Kevin, aka RenWei, Big Kevin, Deli Kevin, left Egg Harbor and the Main Street Market, two weeks ago. Before he returned to China he toured parts of the US. Many of the students who come to the Unites States on the work & travel program, really do travel! They go to New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and always – to Las Vegas! Everyone everywhere in the world knows about Las Vegas – and they are all very curious to see it.

Kevin went to the Grand Canyon. Upon his return to China, he sent me this picture. This picture captures Ren Wei’s spirit perfectly! Some day, I am going to go to the Grand Canyon and copy his pose!

Kevin also told me hugged his mother when he saw her in China. At dinner before he left, he told me that it was not part of Chinese culture to hug your mother, never your father and he would NEVER kiss his mother. I asked him to please give his mother a big hug when he saw her, at his American boss’s request.

He did – and she loved it! Just one more thing Ren Wei learned at the Main Street Market this summer!

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