Pumpkin Patch Weekend Fun

Regan at The Bean

Regan and her roommates at The Bean in Chicago

Pumpkin Patch weekend in Egg Harbor. So many people!!! I think the village was at the breaking point!

Here are 3 fun things that happened at Main Street Market Saturday. A little girl in line for our bathroom, couldn’t hold it and peed on the floor. Someone puked all over our patio; Dave and Corey hosed it down and cleaned it off. A van in our parking lot parked so close to another car – 4 inches – the occupants could not open the door! The woman climbed in through the passenger side, then was so incensed she called the deputies. Someone backed her car out without hitting the offending vehicle; who knows when those people showed up!

Anyway, someone asked me if Regan was going to miss being home for Pumpkin Patch – the first one she’s ever missed! She sent me this picture of her and her roommates at The Bean in downtown Chicago. The three of them took the train into the city from Lake Forest College. Needless to say, she had a lovely day!

The U-W marching band is assembling outside the store right now. They are going to march down Main Street, out the back (highway) door and into the street to the park. This will be a better day!

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