Christine Andrew – Thank You!


Christine Andrew

As most of you know, this is a picture of Christine Andrew. Today is her last “official” day at Main Street Market, although I am not ruling out the possibility that Christine will don the blue apron again one of these days!

Four months ago, when Maryna realized she would have to leave Door County and return to the Ukraine, I found myself  in a bit of a bind. We did not know how long Maryna would be gone, but assumed it would be at least two months. I did not have enough staff to fill her hours, but did not want to hire and train somebody for what could potentially be a short period of time. I thought of Christine Andrew.

Christine was working at The Eagle Harbor Inn; I called her to see if she wanted some extra hours at the market. She agreed and since Christine had worked for us at one time, I thought she would be able to quickly recall the job. However, you know how fast time flies – it turns out she had worked for MSM twenty years ago! Of course, many of our systems changed completely in those 20 years, but Christine jumped right in and got on track very easily. The basics of MSM hadn’t changed, just the hardware!

Christine’s parents own a condo in Egg Harbor, so she knew a lot of our customers and they her. People were so happy to see her and hear what was going on in her life and that of her family.  When she had more time she worked more hours and kept us fully staffed. In short, she’s been a godsend.

It has been such a pleasure to work with Christine again and she has offered to fill in if I need anyone this winter and spring – I will keep her apron handy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart – and don’t be a stranger!

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