Fresh Catfish – It is Lent!

Main Street Market has fresh fish every week.

Fresh Catfish on Sale!

Main Street Market has a great supply of fresh fish – 5 days a week, even in the winter. And, as every person of Catholic faith knows – it is the Lenten Season!

The goal of the Northrop family during Lent was simple. No meat on Fridays, and no fish either! If we could make it through Lent without having to resort to fish, we were feeling pretty good! Cheese Manicotti was a favorite, as well as grilled cheese, cheese pizza, baked spaghetti, and when the kids were younger, French Toast.

However, fish is really good for your health. We should eat it more often, but don’t. Shrimp, yes – fresh fish, not so much. We have many customers who do eat fish; one of these days I will get on the bandwagon.

During the Lenten Season, Main Street Market will have some type of fresh fish on sale every week. If you have a request for any kind of shellfish or fillets, ask the guys in the meat department and we will try to get it for you.

As for the catfish, I think a long time ago I had blackened catfish – and it was delicious!




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