It's W-2 time and I love all the emails!



To some, the arrival of W-2 forms signals dread, to some delight.  I think one has to do with receiving a tax refund, the other to paying into our oh-so-efficient Federal and State governments. I don’t think the end of January has any significance whatsoever.

To me, the pile of W-2’s on my desk means something else – emails! The majority of our international staff has been sending me emails asking for scans of their W-2 forms. They also give me an update on what they are doing right now, how classes are going  – and whether or not they will be coming back this summer. It is so nice to hear from them in January.

I don’t know how they file taxes from China, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan or the Ukraine – H & R Block franchises? – but they do. Can you imagine how long it takes to receive a refund check from the US Government in China! I’ve never asked; I always forget about that when they return in the summer. I’ll try to remember this year!


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