Regan and Ivana at The Red Putter

I told you our granddaughter Ivana was living in Door County for 6 weeks this summer; her mother is in Nepal doing an internship and Adam has to work! Ivana stays at my parents’ house most of the time and our house a couple nights a week. Thursday Regan took her to The Red Putter for a round of mini golf – which she won! At least that’s what she told me – and I believe almost everything she tells me.

Ivana has been having a wonderful time in Door County. She goes to Northern Door Child Care Center 3 days a week and loves it! She has great babysitters – whose names I will not divulge. Ivana has also dined on pasta and butter in some of Door County’s great restaurants. During our Friday night dinner at Trio Restaurant we decided she was leading a very charmed life here!





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