The Main Street Market Herb Garden

Fresh herbs at Main Street Market

The MSM herb garden

A few years ago we rebuilt the patio on the highway side of Main Street Market. The strip of soil next to the building on both sides of the door seemed like the perfect spot for a herb garden – and it is!  Two weeks ago, Door Landscape put in the annual flowers under the sign – and planted the herb garden. (That is probably why we haven’t had rain since, but that is another subject!)

Our mild winter allowed some of the herbs to survive, hence the incongruity in size of the plantings! But – if we get some rain soon, the newbies will catch up. Teri uses lots of herbs from the garden in the deli. When the garden is full and lush, and Teri can’t use everything, my plan is to sell them – you fill a bag with whatever you want. I make a great roasted tomato fresh herb sauce that is wonderful over pasta, a nice easy summer dinner.

Dance a rain dance. Or – wash your car!


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