Main Street Market's Cart Brigade

Main Street Market

Taking a Bow

The July 4th Parade in Egg Harbor wouldn’t be the same without the Main Street Market Cart Brigade! These intrepid kids(who are all in the midst of an extremely hard workweek), takes their decorated grocery carts and smartly executed routine to the streets of Egg Harbor. The carts are also loaded with water balloons for the parade goers who assault them from the sidelines with water guns and balloons.

However, most of the water balloons are reserved for the Market itself! They always do a special routine for the store, take a bow – and unleash 100’s of water balloons upon those of us who are too old to march in the parade! We always forewarn the people sitting on the patio and in the yard, but most don’t move and get a bit wet.

We are extremely proud of our brigade – and get tons of compliments from bystanders. The heat this year was brutal, but those water balloons helped!

Thank you!

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