Main Street Market is 25 years old today!

Don't we look young??!!

Main Street Market Opening

Door County’s Main Street Market in Egg Harbor opened 25 years ago today! I think we were planning to open Sept. 1, but weren’t quite ready; we opened Sept. 2 at 11:00 am. the Wednesday before Labor Day weekend. Gloria and Bob Hastings were one of our first customers, Bob was the president of the village of Egg Harbor. I will never forget Gloria’s story – they had gone to Sturgeon Bay that morning to do their shopping and when they got back to Egg Harbor later that morning, we were open!

Building Main Street Market in Egg Harbor was a gamble. My parents were not semi-retired, but close – and started a brand new business that required a lot of time and capital. Steve and I were ready for a new adventure and had only sweat equity to contribute! We had few employees, I think 5 to start – and a long commute from Ellison Bay – but our little store grew and became successful and we loved being a part of a growing community and Door County.

We all still love it here. It is amazing how fast 25 years goes by though. We all look very young in the photo above!  We have worked with many, many great people and count scores of wonderful people as customers and friends.

Main Street Market is very proud to celebrate 25 years in Egg Harbor and Door County!

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