Main Street Market's End-of-Summer Party!

Aren't they beautiful?

MSM Crew

Every summer, we close early one night and invite the entire staff  to dinner at Trio. We can never get everybody, and this year many of our American college students were already gone and a few of our other kids were home, either in or out of the U.S.

We seat the men and women at separate tables in the restaurant, and take lots of pictures after dinner. (We were quite loud and hope the other diners were not upset with us!) My camera battery was dead, so I did not have a camera and asked Yang for his pictures. He only had a couple, and this is not the best – Steve and Sam are looking at ???, and the beautiful Antoniya is not fully in the frame – but you get the drift. Linda, Marilyn, Judy and Misha, Gerald, Ben, Bill, Bruce and Bert were also in attendance – we had 17 men and 16 women – but left before the picture-taking session. It was getting late, and almost everybody had to work the next day!

Linda had the best comment. She didn’t recognize most of the girls – they all had their hair down and didn’t have a blue shirt on! (Most of our summer girls wear their hair in ponytails.)

We had a great time. Jerry and Ron and their staff do a wonderful job of serving our large group and rearranging the furniture for us. We wish we could do this more often – our staff is wonderful. We really appreciate their hard work, quick smiles and the incredible job they do taking care of our customers. We enjoy working with them all, it makes the summer go very quickly and happily.

Thank you MSM Crew of 2012!

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