From Main Street Market to Linda – Thank You!

Linda Bodenner

Today is Linda Bodenner’s last day at Main Street Market. She has been a big part of our store family, and it is with great sadness that we say goodbye. Linda is moving to North Carolina to be near her kids; Debbie and her family will live a couple of blocks away and Bradley and his wife live in Georgia.

Linda has been our bakery manager – calm, cool and a mother figure to many of the “kids” who have worked in her department. She has taught them many things besides how to work – and leaves a staff that will very ably carry on the bakery department.

Good luck to you Linda – we will miss you. (And I am not taking your picture off the website!)


  1. We will miss Linda! She’s a cool chick, and after the passing of her beloved husband Dave, she made the right choice to be closer to her daughter and grandkids… best wishes Linda! You will be missed!

  2. Main Street Market has been great for Linda too. Linda shares with pride stories of your generous spirit in the community and your employees. Thank you and we will miss going to the Main Street Bakery and eating all the the goodies, especially pies made with cherries lovingly picked in Door County ;)……..

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