From China to Egg Harbor

Last night, Gerald called me from Austin Straubel; the 2 Chinese students that were supposed to arrive at 6:40pm were not there. Chicago had bad weather (surprise, surprise!) and both flights to Green Bay last night were cancelled. After talking to an AA rep, I found out they were booked on a flight leaving Chicago at 8:25 – tonight!

I did not realize they had my cell number, but soon after I got a phone call  from one of the kids. From a pay phone. Using quarters. Good thing they still exist!

Since I could not call them, and they could not connect to wifi, I told them to call me back in 30 minutes. During those 30 minutes, I checked the bus schedule, talked to my son in Madison, and Kairat – who had come to Egg Harbor through Chicago 3 weeks ago. We all decided they should not wait over 24 hours to try to fly to Green Bay; they were pretty happy about that too! Sleeping at OHare and spending an entire day there did not sound appealing.

After 3 more phone calls and a lot of quarters, I think AA gave them bus tickets to Milwaukee. Hopefully they will get on a bus to Green Bay and arrive sometime this morning. If they miss the first bus, there is another later this morning, but I can’t imagine they will be sleeping so soundly they’ll miss it! Not in the bus station!

Thank goodness they are traveling together. And also that I am their boss – not their mother! These international students go through a lot to get here! I’ll let you know when they arrive in Egg Harbor!

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