Egg Harbor's July 4th Parade

MSM Cart Brigade

MSM Cart Brigade

One of the highlights of the July 4th parade in Egg Harbor is the Main Street Market Cart Brigade. A group of our young staff practices for days (ha) to perform the intricate formations with their flag-decorated grocery carts. Down the highway they come, following Dave and Vonnie in the red 1967 jeep.

The carts are filled with candy – and water balloons. When our intrepid marchers get to the Main Street Market, they perform curls, twirls and take a bow.

Then the water balloons fly. It’s a blast and we are so happy to be so well represented by a bunch of hard-working  fun kids, most of whom will be working their butts off this week!

Give them a big round of applause when they go by. Happy July 4th!



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