Dinner with Friends (Who own a Door County restaurant)!

This week our very good friends, Ron Perly and Jerry Spitz, were here. Many of you know them as the owners of Trio Restaurant in Egg Harbor.

At the beginning and the end of every season, Ron and Jerry come to our house for dinner. This year was bittersweet; they came to vote, not to open the restaurant. They are retiring and Trio will not open this May. So sad…

Cooking for people who own a restaurant is a bit daunting. I always feel like I have to make something special. And not just good, but really good!

This week, we had them over twice. Two great meals in three days – pressure! (Sam and Missy came for dinner Tuesday, so actually three nights in a row. They are not as fussy.)

Monday night Steve made a great pork shoulder roast. He used his favorite Le Creuset (from The Main Course in Fish Creek) pot – the pork was roasted with apples, fennel, garlic and herbs – very good. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. Ugh – I have to get better at that!

my recipe

My recipe

Wednesday we made a favorite recipe from The Edgewood Orchard Gallery Cookbook. It was (another) cold night, baked spaghetti just seemed appropriate. We served it with Caprese salad using Mighty Vine tomatoes – yum! Again – no picture. Lisa Van Laanen and Sam came to dinner that night too. We toasted Lisa’s election to the Egg Harbor Village Board – and again to Ron and Jerry’s retirement.

I guess we’ll have to cook for Ron and Jerry on a more regular basis now. Although, I might just let Ron use our kitchen and he can cook for us the next time they come! I think I’ll request a few Trio favorites.



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  1. One of tastiest recipes I’ve made in a while. Thank you for sharing.

    Stephanie Skank-olski, Caprine Supreme
    Black Creek, WI

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