Wacky Wine Questions…

If you need wine, where do you think to go – Main Street Market of course! With our large selection of wines, we get tons of wine questions throughout the day. On most days you can find Kaaren, Steve, or Dave to answer any and all of your wine questions… Which is the best? What pairs well with this dinner? I normally drink this, what else will I like? I’m going to a party, what should I bring? Can you order this wine for me? and the list goes on and on. On Monday, Steve and Kaaren had both left the store for a bit, and Dave and Vonnie are one a River cruise in Europe, so when there was a wine question – I went to the rescue (yikes)!

The customer would be attending a roast and the honoree was an eye doctor. Anyway, she had an entire story already planned out, but she needed any bottle of wine that would match her story. The bottle of wine, the name of the wine, or the picture on the bottle needed to have something to do with: eyes, pink eye, doctors, screaming, healing, patriotic or George Washington to match her story – WOW! So the search began and we came up with a few – True Myth, looked healing; The Federalist w/ Abe Lincoln; Charles & Charles Rose, has an American flag and it’s pink; Eruption, an eye might erupt; and Firehouse Red, dealing with a red eye. Although we have a plethora of wines to choose from, we didn’t hit an exact match, but I’d say we came pretty close, and we still have pretty damn good wines to choose from!


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