12th of Never

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It’s been awhile since I have been able to enjoy a good beer – 9 months to be exact. As I re-enter the world of craft beer I’ve found my new favorite: The 12th of Never Ale from Lagunitas. I’ve always enjoyed beers from Lagunitas, but this one is brand new and just in time for me. It’s hoppy, yet light and full-bodied, all of which my taste buds love. When Sam brought this beer in, it caught my eye not only because it is from Lagunitas, but because it comes in cans – another reason for being my current beer of choice. Beer is so much better from a can, it’s just like a mini keg, the way beer is meant to be consumed and canning is a first for Lagunitas, can you believe that!? Last but not least this beer is at the top of my list because of the tab. I know what you’re thinking, a stupid reason to like a beer, but really – the tab is purple and it has a splat design cut into it, Lagunitas’ signature logo – very cool. Next time you’re in the store make sure you find your 12 pak in the cooler. I promise, it won’t disappoint. 

12th of Never tab

12th of Never tab

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