A Day in the Life of – The Bakery Department

Our bakers get here bright and early! We bake fresh every morning. The breakout is done the night before so everything is ready for the ovens. Here is Katie proofing and baking the sub buns for the Deli.

Then, there comes the calm before the storm. Besides making sub buns for the Deli, these girls have also been baking and frosting donuts, cinnamon rolls, and muffins. We open at 7:30am every morning and the case is looking full and delicious. Many of the same smiling faces stop in for their pastry, coffee, newspaper and small-talk. 😊

And…The baking continues…now the ladies are baking fresh breads. Into the proofer, oven, out for cooling, butter, then slice, bag, and sell!

Wouldn’t you know – we are baking more, BUNS. Buns in the oven, out to cool, then counted, bagged, and labeled for the shelf.
Sam and Regan learned to count from their first job-bagging buns in the bakery at Main Street Market, can you believe it!?

The Bakery girls actually do other things besides bake! They get their shipments from the warehouse every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Time to unload.

If you’re ever here in the afternoon you probably walk through the front door and your mouth starts watering – it’s the cookies! They send many smells throughout the store. Sometimes it can be hard to resist warm, gooey cookies, so I don’t 😛

There are so many sweets to go around. We also bake and decorate: brownies, cupcakes, cakes and other things. The girls create cute designs for the seasons and holidays and will customize anything you want – just ask!

Last but not least, our boys that work in the bakery…I talked about the breakout earlier. These guys get everything ready the evening before (break-it-out), so the ladies can get to baking right when they get here in the early morning hours – where would we be without you!

Thanks for following along with our busy day in the Bakery at Main Street Market! We hope you enjoy our treats!         

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