A Day in the Life of – The Deli Department

One of the first jobs in the deli is to get the fresh sub sandwiches on the shelf. Here Roda is getting ready for the day. The deli makes and sells sandwiches so many sandwiches in a day, it is difficult to keep them on the shelf. During the summer months the sandwich tray AND the next table are full of subs being made for the self!

More prep for the day in the deli includes: making the daily lunch special (Chicken a la King), preparing our new featured Boar’s Head sandwich of the day, making of our daily wraps & paninis, cutting the meats for the case and getting the salads ready for the case, creating a a great spot to stop for lunch!


The Deli has so many delicious things to prep and create. Here the girls are putting together Ron’s cheese spread trays, sometimes people mistake this for ice cream. They also make fresh salads for the shelf – I told you, a great stop for lunch!

Besides the daily grind of the Deli they also create outstanding special orders – cheese trays, veggie trays, fruit trays, wraps, mini sandwiches, you name it, they will make it look beautiful! Just ask at the counter or call ahead.

So, just like all of the other departments, the Deli gets shipments too…and they look quite large in size. Of course the potatoes in Grandma Tom’s Famous “Egg Potato Salad” have to come from somewhere; here they are! The Deli boils, peels, and cuts about 100 pounds of potatoes 2 times per week for all of that potato salad! can you believe it!? 

The Deli has so many things to choose from, including Wisconsin, Door County, and specialty cheeses-Yumm!

While prepping, making, creating, slicing, packaging all things deli, these Gals and Guys seem to have a great time – they even get out of the Deli and go to shows together! 

Stop back in the Deli the next time you are in the store and say Hi – thanks for following along with the Day in a Life of a Deli Attendant at MSM.

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