A Day in the Life of the – Meat Department

Steve is here EARLY….EVERY.Single.morning…He gets here, on average, around 3-4am, when others are just heading home from the bar. He’s here before anyone is awake, before any trucks are here, in peaceful silence (how he likes it). He does many things before the store opens – he cuts meat to fill the case, cuts extra meat for the rest of the day, cuts and packages special orders for customers, and he makes all of his orders for the week. On Christmas Eve Steve has the most meat orders, around 60-70 orders – he’s here early in the winter too! What would we do without him, anyone else want to try it out!? 😮

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings we get deliveries for the meat department – processed and fish. Like we talked about, Steve is here early in the morning, so he also cuts, cleans, and packages the fresh fish so it is ready for the case when we open. This summer we have these two fine young gentlemen helping put out the processed shipment.

Throughout the day everyone is working to keep the case full and wait on customers. We have Certified Angus Beef tenderloin to be trimmed, fresh and lean ground chuck to package, hamburger patties to price and package, and rib steaks to be sawed and cleaned to be ready for the case….it’s a lot of (good) meat! Hats off to our guys, Jerry and Bill!

Chicken Department!
We are also known, to some, as the chicken department. Everyday we have Wonder Roast Chickens on the rotisserie. We have special seasonings and they roast for 2 1/2 hours to make them absolutely mouth watering and delicious; talk about great smells in the store. They are used for many things, but it is really the perfect grab-and-go dinner if needed. The phones ring constantly and one of the big requests is to put a chicken on hold – reserve yours today!

Another task in the Meat Department is creating fresh Kabobs! These take some prep – Devon’s specialty- but they are so good and refreshing on the grill in the summer. Meat and veggies on a stick – what more do you need!?
Side note – Andrew built the kabob-maker stand…fond memories of Andrew!

Besides just cutting and prepping the meat so it is ready to sell, these guys know all of the cuts, what’s best for your liking and how to cook/prepare what you buy. We sell all kinds of meats, fish and chicken, if you don’t see what you are looking for just ask. Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!

See you soon at Main Street Market’s Meat Department – thanks for following a day in our life, we appreciate all of you!

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