A Day in the Life of – The Produce Department

When Kyle gets here early in the morning (way before we open) he cleans the entire produce case and fills it for the day. He takes apart all of the shelving, washes it, and cleans behind all of the shelving to keep the department looking fresh and tidy! After he gets everything clean he puts it all back together and refills, this take about 3 hours! When he’s finished you better believe he is feeling joyous 

Besides just keeping the produce case full and clean, these guys are also in back cleaning, cutting and chopping fruits and veggies to fill the shelves with pre-cut fruit, fruit trays and veggie trays. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a party!

Because we live in this beautiful county, we try to keep as many local products as possible, when in season. Some of the local varieties we have are: cherries, corn, and tomatoes. When we can’t get our local Door County tomatoes, we opt for Mighty Vine tomatoes (still local because they come from Regan). Currently, we get about 50 cases of Mighty Vines every 2 weeks, because that’s the maximum we can get, and we can’t even keep them in stock. These tomatoes are the perfect amount of sweet and we keep them year around!

The Produce Department gets deliveries from our warehouse on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They get about 600 pieces and it fills about half (if not more) of our backroom until it is unloaded and put away. To put things in perspective they go through about 60 cases of bananas per week! We don’t have that much room in the back, so just like the tomatoes have their space the bananas find their home too. As they haul and unload the pallets, more are coming off of the truck – Kyle and his guys are pretty efficient, they have to be! 
Wait until you see what’s next…that HUGE watermelon bin in the picture can’t stay there, so the boys take care of it!


This is the “most fun” part of the truck. Like I said, we don’t have room for a huge bin of watermelons in the back room, so the guys perform this well orchestrated Watermelon Toss. There are 60 watermelons in each bin and it takes them less than 5 minutes to empty it. We get about 4 bins of watermelons per week during the summer months – talk about a workout! 

 Watermelon Toss – Click Here to Download the Video! 

These guys do it all…they keep things fresh, neat, filled and tasting delicious! They even make eye-catching fruit baskets filled to your liking, call ahead. The department wouldn’t be what it is without each of them. 

Until next time – “See Ya’s!”


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