Click to download our Deli Tray order form.

1. What are the store hours? Store hours vary seasonally. Right now the hours are: Monday thru Thursday: 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM Saturday: Friday 7:30 AM-9 PM: Saturday 7:30 AM -8:00 PM Sunday: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM

2. Are you open year-round? Yes, every day but Christmas Day. Thanksgiving and Easter until noon.

3. Do you sell local products? Yes – Seaquist Canning Co. jams, jellies, salsa & cherries, Country Ovens dried fruits, Beas Ho-made, mustard, Renard’s cheese, jerk sauce, Waseda ground beef, pork and eggs, Door County Love Granola, Uncle Tom’s Pancake mixes, and any number of other locally produced products all year. And beverages – Tapuat Kombucha, Orchard Country fresh ciders and juice, Door County wines and spirits, Door County Brewing Co. and Shipwrecked beers, Washington Island Cider. Produce and smoked fish whenever available.

4. Can I place special orders? Yes of course. Call the store – 920-868-2120 – and ask for the right department.

5. What if I want a product you don’t stock? Bring us an empty container or the name of the product and we’ll try to find it.

6. How do I get a WondeRoast chicken? Call the meat department – 920-868-2120 – to reserve one to make sure it will be ready when you want to pick it up. We need a name and phone number.

7. Where is the ATM? At the front of the store, near the cash registers.

8. We no longer do Western Union. Darn.

9. Do you accept cash? Yes – happily!

10. Do you know everything that goes on in Door County? Yes – please call us for every question you have about absolutely anything – we love questions!

11.  Where is the milk?

12. Where is the water?

13. Where is the popcorn?

14.  Where is the wine?

15. Where are the eggs?

16.  Where is the beer? Cold or warm?

17. Where are the diapers?

18.  Where is the Vermouth?

19.  Where is the deli?

20.  Where is the pita bread?

21.  Where is the Bartyles & Jaymes?

22.  Where is the pet food?

23.  Where is the parmesan cheese in the green can?

24.  Where is the frozen pizza?

25. Where is the coffee?

Where did you move so many products – and why??? We have a list at the front desk.

26.  Where is the harbor?

27.  Where is the post office?

28. Where is the bank?

29. Where is the public parking?

30.  Where is a good restaurant for a family? We can answer all these and more! Come in and try to stump us.  

Click to download our Deli Tray order form.