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Main Street Market is Door County's Super Market

Our Departments
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Meat Department The meat department is managed by Steve Northrop, one of the store owners. Steve learned the craft of meat cutting from a real-life butcher at Callsen’s Market in Valders Wisconsin. If the store is open, an experienced meat cutter will be behind the full-service meat case! You can order steaks and roasts to your specifications; they will even write the cooking instructions on the package.

Certified Angus Beef, Smart Chicken, Smithfield Pork, veal and lamb. Nueske products, Salmon weiners, Waseda ground meats, WondeRoast chickens. Fresh fish delivered 3-5 days weekly.

The Main Street Market meat department is always available to take special orders, reserve a chicken for dinner or have your steaks ready when you come to town!


Wine, Beer & Spirits Department – Main Street Market has the best selection in all of Door County. More than a thousand wines from around the world and the Unites States – including Door County. We stock boutique wines from very small producers to internationally known vintners, with a wide range between the two.

The beer department has grown along with the craft beer boom. Sam Northrop has researched new breweries and trends and assembled an exciting assortment of beers for the new generation of beer drinkers. Seasonal varieties and of course, old favorites round out the selection.

The craft movement has also hit the world of spirits. You can find Absolut and Gordon’s next to Death’s Door and Tito’s. Bacardi Rum and Twisted Path. Bombay Gin and Hendricks. Scotch, Bourbon and Whiskey galore! Ice and mixers always available!

Bakery Department
– We’ve been accused of strategically locating the oven vent and exporting the delectable smell from our ovens into the parking lot and surrounding airspace. If your olfactory senses aren’t stirred outside, they will be once you are inside! And believe me, everything tastes as good as it looks. The staff bake an incredible amount of product during the season, and just enough the rest of the year. Special orders for parties and events are always welcome and our friendly staff will take good care of you. With the last addition, we decided to move the bakery to the front of the store. Pour yourself a cup of  freshly brewed Door County Coffee and sit at the counter under the front window; it’s a great place to read the paper and see who is out and about in Egg Harbor.

Produce Department –
Kyle Bley is the produce manager of Main Street Market, only the third in our history! Produce is one of the most perishable departments in the store, and most affected by seasonality. Not only the seasonality of Door County, but also of Mother Nature!

The availability of fresh produce from all over the world radically changed the foods people eat. One interesting fact about produce is that when it is cheap, it is at its peak! Produce pricing is all about supply and demand, and when in season it is plentiful and needs to be sold.

Main Street Market has always purchased as much locally grown produce as possible, long before the “know your farmer” movement and growth of farmer’s markets. We believe it is important to support our local farmers and wish the growing season in Door County was a little longer and more predictable.

The produce department is prominently located in the front of the store and very important to our mix of fresh, quality products.

Deli – The deli and bakery were part of the meat department in the original store; they quickly outgrew their allotted space! The 1991 addition featured a much-expanded deli area, and when the bakery moved out, the deli easily and happily – expanded once again. The large variety of meats, cheeses and salads is perfect for anything you want to do in Door County. Whether a picnic, dinner party or hors d’oeuvres on the deck, we have something delicious.


Our well-trained staff makes hundreds of sandwiches a day, in addition to Paninis, pizzas, salads, dips and spreads. We stock cheeses from around the world, and many from the state of Wisconsin! The addition of the Boar’s Head brand of deli meats and cheeses emphasizes our commitment to quality products and good food!